The Long Dark Season One Wintermute

The Long Dark Season One Wintermute

After a long time waiting for the official release of my best survival game The Long Dark, the Season One Wintermute is finally here. Before the official release I passed all game’s Steam Achievements and all five challenges:

The game atmosphere combined with the beautiful soundtrack is incredible and the challenges are very interested. There is various difficult levels of challenges and I suggest you to start with Nomad. You can also just play to challenge yourself for how many days you can survive in this cold and quiet apocalypse. My record is more than 200 days :).

On August the 1st, Hinterland Studio launched version 1.0 named Season One Wintermute witch is story mode of the game. I played the game and survived for 5 days. The story begins in the ravine where I’m injected after plane crash. I recorded 2 videos with the first 5 days in the ravine where I have to search for food, water, I have to build a fire and I have to cure my wounds to survive. You can watch the videos below.

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